T. Marie Bell

Author, Writer, Public Speaker, Consultant 

T. Marie Bell

Author, Writer, Public Speaker, Consultant

I Heard GOD’S Voice

How I Died, Came Face-to-Face with God, and Lived to Tell the Story!  

Let me tell you. There’s definitely life after death. On August, 26, 1993, I died. Flat-lined. God spoke to me. This is my story…

 I discovered that I was pregnant right before the start of freshman year of college. Desperate and alone, I comprised an abortion as the only option to escape poverty in Detroit and start a new life in Atlanta. Little did I know, in less than one week after arriving on the campus of Clark Atlanta University, that paramedics would have to work expeditiously to resuscitate me back to life! 

 I was terrified! I awakened in my dark dorm room dripping in sweat. My body heaved in agony, as I lay immobile, horrified, and totally unaware of the severity of the situation at hand. Paramedics labored diligently to save me. But, not fast enough. “SHE DOESN’T HAVE A PULSE!” were the last words that I heard. Then, I flatlined. I travelled through the afterlife and came face-to-face with God.

 I Heard God’s Voice is a true account of a botched abortion gone terribly wrong! It is a powerful testimony of events that occurred as I transitioned from life-to death- to life again during this miraculous journey. I share the shame of abortion, trauma of dying, wonders of the after-life, and gratitude of God’s love.  It’s an intense, emotional, and riveting ride. It is an inspirational story that will change your life FOREVER. Click below for a signed copy today! 

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Hi, I’m T. Marie!

I am an Amazon best-selling author! I’m also a writer, ghostwriter, public speaker, and consultant. I’m thrilled to share my book I Heard God’s Voice with you! It’s a miracle that I escaped the clutches of death, was resuscitated back to life and granted a second chance to share this amazing journey.

Raised in the hard streets of Detroit, Michigan,  I oftentimes made decisions that placed me in terrible situations. After witnessing countless violent episodes in this environment and frustrated by it all, at one point I denied God’s existence outright. Until, God brought me through the channels of death and shook me to my core to reveal that he’s real! Now, my passion is to share this story to bring awareness that there is an afterlife, in hopes that you will strengthen your relationship with God. Just know, it’s never too late to turn your life around. If you have ever asked:

  1. Is God real?
  2. Is there an afterlife?
  3. What is my purpose in life?

This book is for you!  The answers that you seek are revealed. Get your copy TODAY! It will change your life FOREVER.







One of the most compelling accounts of the after-life I have ever read.

Nick Chiles
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and
New York Times bestselling author


I heard God’s voice was as amazing read. Once I started I couldn’t stop till I finished. The picture she painted of Detroit was bold yet very accurate. The author deserves ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and to be # 1 on Amazon.

Christopher T. Wyatt
Amazon Reader


The author’s reconciliation of personal events and experiences were so descriptive I felt as if I was walking beside her reliving each moment. Thank you for sharing your testimony! 

Evelyn Jemison
Amazon Reader

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