I Heard GOD’S Voice

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How I Died, Came Face-to-Face with God, and Lived to Tell the Story!

What if I told you there’s definitely life after death? On August 26, 1993, I died. I heard God’s voice.  This is my story…

Emergency responders resuscitated a young college student back to life after she flat-lined from extreme internal bleeding. T. Marie Bell shares an inspirational testimony of a near-death experience where she travels through the afterlife and comes face-to-face with God!



As a graduating high school senior, T. Marie discovers that she’s pregnant right before starting freshman year of college. Desperate and alone, she comprised abortion as the only option to escape poverty in Detroit and start a new life in Atlanta. Little did she know, in less than one week after arriving on the campus of Clark Atlanta University that paramedics would have to work expeditiously to resuscitate her back to life! I Heard God’s Voice is a true account of a botched abortion gone terribly wrong! It is T. Marie’s powerful testimony of events that occurred as she transitioned from life-to death- to life again during this miraculous journey. Ms. Bell shares the shame of abortion, trauma of dying, wonders of the after-life, and gratitude of God’s love.

6 reviews for I Heard GOD’S Voice

  1. Nick Chiles

    One of the most compelling accounts of the after-life I have ever read.

    Nick Chiles
    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and
    New York Times bestselling author

  2. Anthony AJ Joiner

    T. Marie answered several questions I had about death and made me appreciate my life, family, and friends that much more.

    Anthony “AJ” Joiner
    Author, Digital Marketer, Strategist, Consultant
    The Joiner Method

  3. Tamella Fair

    Wow…just wow! Her testimony is so gripping, detailed, and transparent. An inspirational story.

    Tamella Fair
    NicoleRene Event Designs

  4. Melissa Clayton- Amazon Reader

    To say that this book was a page turner is an understatement! I began reading this book on a 3 1/2 hour Flight & concluded it on my Return Flight! It was engaging, descriptive, inspiring & encouraging! The author took us on her journey from High School in Detroit, MI to her Freshman year of College in Atlanta, Georgia & later as a Single Parent! As a reader we explored her Family dynamics, her experience as a teen making a tough decision. We also experienced her transformation from knowing about God to actually experiencing God! A Powerful Testimony! This book is phenomenal! It is truly a Must Read! This book is definitely worthy of a Literary Award & should definitely be on the New York Times Best Seller List!

  5. Majestic Cyber- Amazon Reader

    After reading this beautifully written read, I really want to Thank God for his mercy. This book touched on a very important topic that most people miss – time is the best teacher and we must listen to Gods voice. I had the very same situation with me when I was forced to keep quiet about my journey. But like the author we must preach Gods glory ! We must be vulnerable! We must be open! We must be faithful! We must be real with every situation in our life. Everything happens for a reason! This is a must read !

  6. KWatts810- Amazon Reader

    “I Heard God’s Voice” is a very real, transparent account of a young woman’s experience, but more importantly includes moments of self-reflection, which led to self-actualization and self-acceptance. This book is timely and timeless, as many young women have dealt and continue to deal with situations like these, but often harbor shame and guilt – never forgiving or loving themselves again. But God!!! I am thankful T. Marie decided to bare her soul to the world so that others may be touched and led to a path of healing by way of her written journey. Buy the book and share it too! You won’t be disappointed.

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